How to change your perception of a problem

Its all about Perception!

Intelligent Psychology Solutions


However you experience a problematic thought or feeling, in some way there is a need to objectify it as something outside of you. When people get angry they hit things, when they get sad they want to hold onto something or somebody. Often when people are confused they resort to writing things down so they can make some sense of it. As humans we like to place our thoughts and feelings somewhere, so we can go about working on them.

You may have seen the 1987 film called Innerspace, with Dennis Quaid, where an astronaut was shrunk in a laboratory miniaturization experiment and unwittingly placed inside a minute vessel that was then inserted into the bloodstream of a hypochondriacal person, who had only a limited amount of oxygen to survive.

The wonderful thing about our imagination is that whether you’ve seen this film or not, you’ve likely just imagined…

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