Be a Conscious Man. Here’s How to Inspire a Better World…

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What does it mean to be a Conscious Man?

What does he do? How does he relate? What does he value? How does he embody the greatness in himself, and inspire the greatness in others?

Here’s a bottom line that many are considering … If men keep going the way they’re going … if men don’t wake up … we’re putting our planet and our species at risk. We really need conscious men, right now.

My good friends John Gray (Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus) and Arjuna Ardagh (Conscious Men, The Translucent Revolution) have brought together an incredible group of 24 world-class speakers, authors, teachers, and social thought leaders to host a series of 12 powerful conversations on the evolution of conscious masculinity — and it’s called The Conscious Men Summit.


If you’re ready to know what it’s going to take to make a difference, just in the way you show up in the world — sign up now for this free 4-day online event that’s taking place Nov 4-7, 2015.

Pull up a chair. Join critical conversations for inspiring men to live consciously and build a better world.

Register for this free transformative event here >> Join the Conscious Men Summit.

Keep mastering!



P.S. You’ll have access to all the replays if you miss any of the 12 scheduled sessions. Sign up now and get access to all the recordings as well – The Conscious Men Summit.

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