How to change your perception of a problem


However you experience a problematic thought or feeling, in some way there is a need to objectify it as something outside of you. When people get angry they hit things, when they get sad they want to hold onto something or somebody. Often when people are confused they resort to writing things down so they can make some sense of it. As humans we like to place our thoughts and feelings somewhere, so we can go about working on them.

You may have seen the 1987 film called Innerspace, with Dennis Quaid, where an astronaut was shrunk in a laboratory miniaturization experiment and unwittingly placed inside a minute vessel that was then inserted into the bloodstream of a hypochondriacal person, who had only a limited amount of oxygen to survive.

The wonderful thing about our imagination is that whether you’ve seen this film or not, you’ve likely just imagined that process of a miniaturized you floating around in your body. Imagine for a moment that you can actually look inside yourself. So, travelling inside your body now, make the journey to the area inside you where your inner mind is storing the problem you are experiencing. If its stress it may be in your jaw or your shoulders. If its anger it might be in your fists. If it’s confusing, your head. Do it now – go down in your mind to the part of you that you feel is holding that problem. When you are there, imagine the problem thought or feeling as an object.

What kind of object would it be? It could be a ball, a cube, a tornado or a knife. However you imagine it, the main thing is that it needs to be from within your imagination. What we need is for you to put aside all logical and rational visions of the problem and simply let your subconscious mind find what the symbolic problem looks like for you, or how it is represented to you.

Let’s start with this object’s shape. What kind of shape is it? Is it circular? A square? Rectangular? A wave-like shape? Oblong or triangular? However you imagine the shape, let’s begin now to work at changing its dimensions. Let’s begin to change the symbolic image of the problem. However you imagine the shape of your problem, I want you now to imagine it slowly changing to a different shape.

If it’s round, begin to see corners emerge as it turns into a square.

If it’s triangular, see the edges moving so the shape becomes a rectangle.

If it’s square, make it a ball.

Whatever the shape is, slowly mould it into a different shape.

Next become aware of the colour of the new shape. Remember, this shape is the symbolic image of the problem. What colour is it? Is it a bright or dull colour? Is it a pastel type of colour or luminous? Whatever the colour is, just try to get as distinct an image of the colour as you can.

The next step now is to change the colour to an entirely different one. Make it as different a colour as you can, on the other end of the colour spectrum, so if it’s black, make it white, or if it’s red, turn it into a green image.

Next, imagine the size of the shape: the size of your problem. Is it big or small? Maybe you can position the size of the object of the problem next to something, another image, so you can get a sense of the size of it. Imagine that the larger the shape, the more intense the problem is, and the smaller the shape the less intense the problem. So now begin to change the size of the shape.

Remember, your imagination is infinitely creative, so you could simply shrink the object, or you could imagine sucking its energy away so it shrinks that way. You could compress the shape. Imagine what kind of tool would help you do that. If you imagine, for example, the problem shape as a balloon, how about popping the balloon with a needle so it shrinks right down? Your imagination is so powerful; you can creatively do whatever you need to do.

The key here is to keep playing around in your creative imagination with how you experience the object, as this is your inner symbolic representation of your problem thought or feeling. Change its colour, shape, size and … keep changing it! As you practice doing this, you are changing the inner associations with how you have stored the problem in your mind, and this will get your inner unconscious mind reacting and doing something different!

Let me know how this impacts you in the comments below!

Keep mastering,


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