10 steps to relax and reduce stress


The following steps are designed to help you take the easy steps needed to achieve comfortable relaxation.

  1. Ideally, take five minutes every day to relax, preferably at a regular time during the day (not after a heavy or evening meal) and repeat again whenever necessary.
  2. Remove any contact lenses/glasses, and loosen any tight clothing. Sit comfortably in a chair with head support if possible or lie down. Uncross your legs and place your arms in a relaxed position.
  3. Notice your familiar surroundings and sounds, so that you can easily and comfortably let them go when you are ready to do so. When you are ready, close your eyes.
  4. Concentrate on your breathing. Take a few deep breaths and hold it – only for a moment – and then breathe out slowly. With each breath out, give yourself a positive message to let go and relax.
  5. Focus your attention on the part of your body that you feel is more relaxed than any other, and allow that special feeling or sensation to spread outwards to other surrounding muscles and to all parts of your body.
  6. Imagine yourself at the top of a staircase with 10 steps. Take each step down, counting from ten to one, in your own time.
  7. On the count of 1 imagine a journey to a special and comfortable place, perhaps somewhere you have been before, or somewhere even more special that you create for this purpose.
  8. Notice something of significance to you so that you can memorise it and become familiar with your place. Enjoy being there, comfortable, at ease and totally relaxed. Explore just what it is that you need for yourself at this particular time, that you can take as a gift and bring it back with you.
  9. When you feel ready, comfortably make your way back to the steps of the staircase, and take each step positively and in your own time, counting from 1 to 10, and, feel more and more refreshed with each step.
  10. Become aware of your whole body and, feeling more and more alert, become aware of your total control as you open your eyes to that feeling of refreshment.

Keep mastering,


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