Are you suffering from Rocking Chair anxiety?

Are you suffering from Rocking Chair anxiety?

Have you ever caught yourself imagining just what you could do in life, given the right time, circumstances, and finances?

When I did some years ago, I got a big fat nothing! I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than teaching until I retired on a good pension (some 30+ years later!) I think some people would call this a symptom of institutionalisation AND a symptom of society.

But then in imagining what else I could do again and again, over a period of weeks, I found it made me feel anxious. Imagining I could do anything, meant there were actually no limits, and that took my breath away.

There were indeed endless possibilities. I could travel, write, engage in adult education … there were no reasons why I couldn’t become an Estate Agent, Accountant, or Nurse if I wanted to OR I could start up my own business in quite literally anything. I felt overwhelmed by connecting with such freedom and uncertainty of just what might happen. The noise inside me was growing!

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