How to Create Your Ideal Self Image

How to Create Your Ideal #Self #Image & Be Your Best Self

This weekend I was working with a group who had completed their initial therapist training and are moving into building their own businesses, preparing to take their skills and help others unblock and become free to be who they want to be.

Very often when I am working with trainees who are starting to build their businesses, and also existing business owners who have perhaps reached a plateau and want to push through and play at a higher level, one of the difficulties lies not in their skill or knowledge or systems, or even their passion and enthusiasm, but more so in their self-belief.

Your self-belief can be held in a number of different ways. How you feel about yourself; the language that you use when you are engaging in self-talk (you know when you chatter to yourself in your head); the way you carry yourself physically and how you walk can all indicate what beliefs you hold about yourself. Very often this is held together by the picture you hold of yourself in your mind.

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